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OpenStory is an open source editorial interface for Drupal and Wordpress (to be released in a further version) sites, that offers a more user-friendly way for editors to create and edit all forms of digital content.

Created with Angular and NodeJS, OpenStory aims to improve the editorial experience on Drupal 8 through an interface created especially for content management, comments management, and user management functionalities.

Decoupled interface specially created to simplify content creation!



Created with Angular and NodeJS, OpenStory is a very fast interface that reads and stores your content directly inside your site. OpenStory acts like an add-on that you can connect to your site.

Customizable dashboard

You are unique and so are your editing needs. Maybe your editors just need a fast editing box, or you want easy access to relevant inside information. With the use of several widgets, OpenStory is your personalized writing desk. It exposes what types of content you have, when they were updated, and it even shows Google Analytics information directly inside the piece of content you are editing

Native integration with Drupal

Decoupled technology to benefit editors around the world, OpenStory is fully compatible with Drupal. The decoupled technology allows us to improve our user-experience continuously without implementing the CMS all over again. Enjoy a headless system with an extensible interface and let your content managers publish fresh content at ease.


OpenStory learns about your editorial habits and adapts it’s interface over time to fit your editorial needs. It will seemingly add new widgets to your most used actions, continuously learning about you and updating the interface.


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